Rabu, 25 Maret 2009


One good impression ab handing in SPT deals with speed:)
Jst now I went to the Jl Sumatra to submit my SPT. In front front the building there is a banner that reminds us ab the deadline. The parking is fine. Near the entrance there are several clerks at the long table. on the table there is a comforting sign that says: Submit your SPT here. No need to queue.
That's true. It's quick.I took a free brown envelop from the security counter, and then, filled in the identity on it and finally handed it in to the man behind the table. He asked if I had the copy already. I said yes. I learnt this from my friend, MP. She said should there be anything to confirm someone would give us a call.
Heading to the parking area, I prepared one thousand for the fee, and I glanced at my watch. Hmm.. it took me less than 10 minutes to do it.

Curiously, I calculated how many motorcycles there were. Guess how many? There were more than 70. And the parking area still has some space to cater more than 20 bikes.

Well, if the office opens at 8, and there are 70 motorcycles every 10 minutes, so by 9 o'clock, the parking attendants will receive 420.000,-rupiah. And by noon, they can get around...

Hmm..be quick be wealthy. Being professional pays off. Hmmm...

Hopefully this way the development in our country can be better, as the wise man(Smart Semar) says: jer basuki mowo beyo.Hmm..

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